I have produced a lot of work over the years. Sizes range from murals to small commissions, and styles from realism too abstract, so this gallery is more a collection of some of my favorite work/series within the last 10 years. Hope you enjoy!

Human Thoughts & Feelings

I have been adding to this series since 2012, and it is a sort of catch-all for the wide range of thoughts and feelings I experience. Like all my work, I express life experiences through my gentle-giant subjects. Some of the work is about love, fear, protection, acceptance, annoyance, stillness, and peace.

Pregnancy & Early Parenting Years

Being a parent is quite the adventure. A lot of it is beautiful beyond words, and other parts have been very gross and difficult. Plus, I had a lot of transition/change happen between the 4 years of their births. This series depicts feelings of pregnancy and parenthood, but also my personal changes during those initial years. Such as quitting a full-time position (I loved) to be a stay-at-home parent, living in 3 different states, moving 6 times, renovating 3 houses (2 of which I was pregnant for), etc.

Water Bovine

Like most after 2020, my husband and I were feeling overwhelmed. This series reflects on the various levels of overwhelming feelings. At times you are just looking into the water, knowing it is going to be rough, and yet you have to wade through it.  Other times you are fighting something when you realize, “Wait, I don’t have to fight. I can turn around.”